About us

We amplify orchestras, that’s our core business.
A symphonic orchestra playing in a concert hall doesn’t need reinforcement, but when they play outdoors or in bigger venues, amplification becomes a necessity. Sound reinforcement is often needed in modern music and crossover programs, due to instrumentation. Pop, jazz or world music orchestras almost always play amplified, and in some cases a monitor system is required.
Orchestras performing with sound systems are a tremendous challenge for both musicians and sound engineers. Da Capo is specialized in these challenges, and employs only motivated and trained engineers who have experience with these issues. Our equipment – microphones, speakers, mixing consoles and monitoring systems are – all tailored to these tasks.
With over 20 years of experience, knowledge and experience is what sets us apart. Amplifying orchestras is what we do, and we’ve learned from it: Not only are the technical aspects taken care of, but through the years, we’ve learned to speak the same language as the orchestra musicians. We know what players and conductors want, but also what composers and management need. We love and are dedicated to orchestral music, and it shows. We love our job.
We realise that a positive experience for the musicians will translate to a positive experience for the audience. Our goal is to facilitate a great performance, true-to-life listening that reflects the moment. 
In addition to orchestras, we work with big bands and choirs, vocalists in both classical and jazz idioms, and modern music ensembles. We have also recorded all of these in both live and in studio settings.
We have experience with orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, bands, production companies, studios, broadcast companies, festivals and PA suppliers. We hope our experience speaks for itself.
We look forward to working with you.