About us

These days symphonic orchestras not only play in concert halls or studio settings, but also in arenas and on open-air stages for large audiences. More and more orchestras perform together with rock-bands and / or pop-singers. In most of these situations sound reinforcement systems are necessary. In some cases a monitor system is required. An orchestra performing with a big sound reinforcement system is a tremendous challenge for both musicians and sound engineers. Orchestra sound reinforcement is the core activity of Da Capo.

Da Capo is a young company founded in the year 2000 by Rob van der Meijs, who then already had over 15 years of experience with orchestras. Da Capo is a service company focussed on the amplification of orchestras. Therefore, Da Capo comes with a motivated, experienced and well-trained crew and with selected equipment, including microphones, mixing consoles, an orchestra monitor system and cabling. Da Capo’s job is not to supply PA-systems or sound equipment for rockbands, but to bring in the specific know-how and equipment for orchestras only. Da Capo owns various microphone and monitor systems, and has the experience to work with them. For each separate job the best approach and most suitable equipment is chosen. When a complete sound system is demanded, Da Capo cooperates with selected sub-contractors.

Da Capo mainly has 4 types of clients: (1) orchestras, (2) production companies, (3) studios, recording and broadcast companies, (4) PA-companies owning the equipment and having the experience to amplify rockbands or theatre-acts themselves, but lacking the experience and equipment for orchestras.

But aside from all technical aspects, the music, the performing artists and the audience are most important for Da Capo. It will always be our goal to make an amplified orchestra performance the ultimate listening experience for the audience as well as a totally satisfying experience for the musicians.